Young European Architects / Европейские молодые архитекторы
Young European Architects / Европейские молодые архитекторы
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European architecture is distinguished by a variety of forms and styles. This building diversity is influenced by architects and agencies throughout all of Europe. Many "heads" of various nationalities with a diversity of approaches and concepts contribute to this multiplicity with their creative ideas and unconventional solutions.

There are several young architects in the bunch. New offices, recent graduates, young-at-heart, interdisciplinary career changers and lone warriors provide insight into their work with both the realized projects and visions for the future depicted in this book. Today, architects work less and less within geographical borders. Nowadays, they think more globally, since competitions are increasingly advertised on an international basis. These competitions provide new architects and relatively young and inexperienced agencies with the chance of vying for larger jobs along with the well-known and well-established stars of the branch. Many of the featured buildings illustrate this continual development of borderless building. It is no longer clearly visible in whose heads they were conceived and where they were built. Europe is not only getting smaller in a political sense; this fusion is also evident in architecture.

That is precisely why it is so exciting to witness how consciously the architects play with the cliches of their countries and actual realities. They work with various styles, experiment, reinterpret and inspire contemplation, often with a slightly ironic touch. Following years of a trend toward great austerity and reduction, new agencies are now reaching for unconventional forms and colors with courage and wit, revealing new images of architecture. Conspicuous features include more ornamentation, sophisticated surface structures, floral patterns, previously unconventional material combinations and loud, bright colors. Anything goes that captures attention.

"Young European Architects" provides insight and an overview of the architectural scene in Europe, and with the aid of portraits and short explanatory texts, presents the featured agencies and architects and their websites.

Издание на английском языке.
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